The 22nd National Cave and Karst Management Symposium will be held at the historic Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Late October is a perfect time to visit the southern Ozarks and typically coincides with peak fall colors.  Eureka Springs, founded in 1879, is one of the largest historic districts in Arkansas, and the quirky town is steeped in history and legend.  A walk through town will bring you near many Victorian era houses, and quite a number of springs and karst features.  The springs have long been thought to impart good health, and “health-seekers” flocked to town in the past to drink and bathe the spring waters.  Originally an encampment of tents and shanties, the town rapidly grew up around the springs, and today, the springs remain an important focal point of the cities’ tourism. Information about the history of Eureka Springs is available here. The Basin Park Hotel, built in 1905, is on the north side of Basin Circle Park, on Spring Street, in the downtown district, and will be the venue for a majority of the events associated with the Symposium.  The Thursday evening banquet will be in the Crescent Hotel, a steep, 1.2 miles, uphill from the Basin Park Hotel.  Both hotels will be available for lodging in association with the Symposium. More information about Eureka Springs, restaurants, activities, and events can be found here. For 2017 NCKMS attendees, rooms are available at the Symposium hotels at a reduced nightly rate of $89.

 1905 Basin Park Hotel
12 Spring St.
Eureka Springs AR 72632
(877) 456-9679

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Crescent Hotel & Spa
75 Prospect Ave
Eureka Springs AR 72632
(855) 725-5720

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